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We have tried to answer some of the most commom questions asked for the Sunrooof. If however you have not found the answer to your question here, then reach out to us through the 'contact us' section in the menu bar.

Is it a light or is it a glass panel which sees through the sky like a skylight?

The Sunrooof is a special lighting system which creates the look, feel and experience of the sun. It is not a skylight.  It has no relation to the Sun, it runs on electricity.


Are you in the business of just selling light panels?

No, we are not a lighting compony or a light supplier. We sell the whole concept - with the interior design, the wood work, the automation, everything. 


Does the light look the same all the time?

No, the light is constantly changing its colors and brightness to match the day outside. It is never static. In the morning as the Sun rises outside, it also rises in the sunroof. In the day it gets bright and white. And as we move towords the evening it gradually starts to become softer and warmer


Does it become pitch dark in the night?

It will never become pitch dark, because the sky outside is never pitch dark. There is always some amount of light Ineven in the nightnight. So the Sunrooof becmoes a moon light during the night. Hardly noticeable, a very dim and dark blue light.


Is it manually controllable?

Yes, while we do give you the manual control on your phone, we dont reccomend you to play around with it. If you try to create a day scene at night time, it will have effects on your sleeop cycle.


Does this light give Vitamin D?

We are working with a medical lighting company who is helping us integrate Vitamin D in the Sunrooof. Although this will take a few months to be out in the market. Currently this model of Sunrooof does not provide Vitamin D.

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