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There is a great life power in the Sun. By storing it in our body, we can get rid of sickness and get a long life. In the Atharva Veda, the sun is called the giver of healing as it removes the poison of disease from the body. By putting rays of the sun on the body, one can get cured of ear disease, stomach disease, heart disease, headache, blindness, deafness, fever, jaundice, urinary diseases, skin diseases and many others. The sun destroys all kinds of poisonous toxins by its light.



The sun plays a vital role in keeping us humans healthy and happy. Unfortunately over the past few decades, we have overlooked it's importance. Due to our poorly designed lifestyles, we remain deprived of the nutrition given by the Sun. 

We remain indoors most of the time with no exposure to the sun throughout the day. We then wonder how these unanticipated physical and mental problems such as diabetes, lethargy in the body, overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, lack of mental clarity have come into our life. If our body is not being given its required nutrition - the sun nutrition, then it's obvious that there will be some disturbances. We are not designed to live indoors under a roof. God has designed us as an outdoors species. 


We do believe that this seperation from sunlight is not our fault, we have been conditioned to live life in this way. To live a life where we are bound to sit indoors all day long due to our poor lifestyles and unethically designed work life. From our home to our car to our office and then back home, we barely step out. Moreover, the buildings that we sit in, are not designed in a way where we would get sufficient sunlight at our offices or bedrooms.



From the eagerness and passion to solve this problem, after 12 years of R&D, we innovated the world's first lighting system which looks and feels exactly like the Sun. It gives all the psychological benefits of the sun, making us feel happier and more focused when we sit under it. But thats not the end. When we say we are bringing the sun indoors (through light and nanotechnology), it would only be fair if we bring all the other healing properties of the Sun such as Vitamin-D, disinfection properties, improved digestion and many more into this lighting system. We are working on this and soon just by the virtue of sitting under this light various diseases in the human body will get cured. We call this the SUNROOOF. 

Most people confuse this with an an actual skylight. But skylights are very limiting and restrictive. You can only have them on the roof or the top floor of the building, it is totally dependent on the sun. Sky light is nothing but a glass replaced with a cemented ceiling which gives a clear view of the sky. But this is not a skylight. We have innovated this through lights and technology. That means you can have this in absolutely any space, regardless of how many floors you have on top of you. Basements, bathrooms, galleries, bedrooms, absolutely anywhere. 

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